Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been Away for Awhile

It seems as though life has kept me busy and I have neglected by website and my blog.  It feels good to reacquaint myself with the web and catch up on the news in the wheelchair world.  I have been working some longer hours and also trying to take care of my health. 

We as grandparents must take time away from work and watch the grandchildren play ball and perform at dance recitals!  We enjoy cheering them on in their performances! Proud?!?!  Yes - of course!! With summer comes family reunions, picnics, ice cream socials and much more.

My husband and I have joined the YMCA/YWCA and have lost some weight. He has been recovering from two total knee replacements and this has kept both of us keeping up with doctor, therapy and exercises.  We are looking forward to our trip to Jamaica later this year! What a motivation!  Still have a few more pounds to take off before we go.

Just read about the Wijit Lever Driving and Braking System.  It sounds like it would be very beneficial to some of my patients in the skilled nursing setting.  I would like to have a system to try with a couple of the residents, but cost can be a factor and then there is selling the idea to the administrator about improved mobility and strength.

Does anyone know how much these cost? Can they be added to the manual wheelchairs that nursing home residents use? A little more research and a couple of phone calls might be in order.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help Rosy With Her Survey

Rosy is a college student who has asked me for help.  Since I have never used the airport and am not a wheelchair user I would like to ask my readers for their help.  Surveys and education are some ways that changes can come about and improve everyone's life. She is looking for wheelchair users or someone who has assisted wheelchair users.  Her specific questions relate to use of the Liverpool John Lennon Airport.  If you can help her please follow the link to her survey.  I know she would appreciate it very much.  Can you help her today?  Rosy's Survey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The "R" Word - Just What Does It Mean?

Read about what a doctor told Amelia's parents. He said that because of her condition he would not perform an operation. On the paper were the words Mentally Retarded.

I think some people are just plain inconsiderate when talking to or about other people who are different from themselves.  After all, we are all different from one another.  How boring would the world be if we were all the same?  God doesn't love us any less for who we are, whether short or tall, the color of our skin, what we wear, or how we walk, speak or what we do.  He wants us to love one another and care for each other, but he also expects each of us to do what we can for ourselves.  He looks at our heart and not at our "good works or deeds".

The saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" is not such an accurate statement.  Physical hurt is easily seen but emotional hurt can damage a person for a lifetime.  Only with the help of friends or family can people start to overcome the negative effects of what words can do.  Sometimes it can take a lifetime to heal the wounds of words and then sometimes you may never heal.  Low self-esteem often times comes from words that belittle a person.

Is the word "retard" a noun or a verb?

"According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first record of the usage of the word "retard" is from circa 1489. At that point in time, that word meant to keep back, hinder, or impede. Now, the word "retard" is used in common language as a replacement for the word "idiot" or "dummy". This was not a direct or instantaneous change, but a change that took centuries to occur. Not only has the definition of the word changed but the nature of word has been altered over time as well. It has become more popular to use “retard” as a noun rather than a verb, when 200 years ago it was the exact opposite. Also, the pronunciation of the word has been modified over time because of its added meaning. Why and how has the word changed so greatly?" (credit to Alicias English 102 blogspot)

Read about how you can help Spread The Word to Stop the Word.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Reduce Repetitive Stress

If you have a low level spinal cord injury and can propel yourself take care not to use poor techniques or body position in your chair causing increased risk for injury. Using a very lightweight frame and positioning the shoulder directly over the rear axle helps reduce repetitive stress; the fingertips should just reach the middle of the wheel when the arm is hanging down at rest.

If your injury is mid level you may be able to self propel, however, have less strength and grip.  You may push against the tire with the palm of your hand, rather than gripping the hand rim or tire. Adding a rubber coating can provide a better grip, or using pegs as a means to propel yourself.  Efficiency at this level is decreased and therefore risk of shoulder injuries increases.  A lightweight wheelchair is still important.  Some individuals may benefit from a power-assist wheelchair or power wheelchair.

If your injury is higher you will require a power wheelchair.  If you have some function (ie: C5-C6) your may be able to use your arms to operate a joy stick or have a post style handle making it easier to use due to a lack of a grip. You may need to consider arm supports, mobile or trough.

If your do not have any extremity control but do have some neck motion you may be able to use a head array such as Peach tree.  If you do not have any neck movement you may be able to us a sip 'n puff control.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Babies and Basketball

Our family has a new member, Ian Christopher who arrived early in the morning on January 19th.  He was a week and a day late just like his father.  Who is Ian?    He was named after his Uncle Christopher, who died six years ago.  I feel it is an honor to Chris that Ian was given this name,  it fits him perfectly. 

Although he is only a few days old, and I have only seen him once at this point I feel that he is a precious and beautiful baby boy.  I however, could be a bit biased, (after all he is my grandson).

Today I enjoyed watching my two older grandsons play basketball at the YMCA.  I had forgotten what it was like to be in the gym.  It brought back many memories with our youngest daughter, who now is in college.  My, how time does pass us by! Of course, I couldn't go to a basketball game without cheering from the sidelines.

As a grandparent, I can sit back and observe others with their children.  People watching can be an interesting and fun thing to do sometimes.

Some parents just sit and observe, quiet and motionless, while others get involved on the sidelines and help "coach" their kids throughout the game.

Which one are you?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogging is a new tool and I am not sure of what to write about.  The week ended with a holiday party for the company I work for.  I enjoyed the Mongolian Grille and wonder what restraunt will be in that location next year.  Last year it was Yong's and like this one you get to pick out your food and watch it cook. Although I liked the entertainment from the cook's last year better. Check back next year as the rotating restraunt saga continues....

It can be frustrating to operate the electronic devices we have - the laptop, the android cell phones with all their app updates.  What does a person ever get done besides checking for updated messages, emails, and phone calls, oh yeah, the main reason we have these little gadgets! Right?!?!

Although they are wonderful when you need them, they can also be annoying.  I am old enough to remember growing up there were party lines and a rotary dial phone attached to the wall. (No private phone conversations with your boyfriends!) You knew when the neighbors on the line were getting a phone call (by the sound of the faint ring) and if you were a snoop you could quietly lift the receiver and listen in, but don't be noisy or they would know there was someone eavesdropping!

Nowadays, the world might come to an end without your cell phone.  Some people don't even have a "landline" .  Snail mail (the USPS) is still in business, but one wonders for how long.  The banks, utility companies and retailers all want you to use plastic or transact business online. Wonderful when you have an internet connection and electricity. What happens when you don't?

What happened to knowing your neighbors, having neighborhood get togethers, block parties or what ever term you want to call it?  Do you even know who your neighbor is, what is their first name, do you know?

Will the art of conversation and "visiting" with one another become extinct or rare as some species of animals?  One has to wonder.....

And here I am blogging on a laptop, next to my husband who is also "on his computer" as the phrase goes.  Can you remember when there were no computers in your home?  If you can you are probably older than 30 years and, what about t.v.?  That is a whole nother topic.  Is nother a word?  The first t.v.s were black and white, then came color.  They sat on the floor or on the table top if they were small.  Now the big heavy  t.v.s are being replaced with "flat screen" models.  I don't own one...yet.

Televsion is not such a big deal to me.  I don't have satellite or cable...I once did. But I couldn't see the sense of paying $60.00+ per month to watch a few television shows a week, and then spend most of the time "channel surfing" and never seeing a show in it's entirety. 

Just some of my thoughts on a cold Saturday evening in January.  What are some of yours?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seat Cushions

What types of cushions are best for the general nursing home population?

I find that the gel/foam combo cushions have the gel paks leak and become hard in the coccyx area for most residents to sit on. 

I would like to hear from others what works best for them.