Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 A Year for Changes!

Who would have dreamed I would have said good bye to Iowa and the security of a regular job to explore the lower 48 states as a travelling therapist?

I had contemplated this move for a couple of years and then one day it finally happened.  Little did I know that once again God continues to play a role in my life.  My husband had been saying he wanted to return to Texas and guess what... here we are!

Living a dream that only some will try.  It is an adventure and we are fortunate that we have our RV as our home base. We have had some challenging moments..especially with internet issues. I am on my first assignment as a travelling COTA and am enjoying meeting new people.  There are differences from being a full time employee to being a travelling COTA. My first day was overwhelming as I went from teaching a new software program and scheduling therapists to being the one learning a new program and someone else setting my schedule.  A shock to my system that first week but now am getting used to staying even more flexible with scheduling day to day. Everyone has been helpful and pleasant.

Right now we are enjoying the beautiful fall weather in TX as back in IA the fall colors are showing their beauty along with much cooler days and nights.  I would never have dreamed that I would have learned to swim at my age but am glad that I can at least take a few laps in the shallow end of the pool now.  I have been working on my tan and would never have stepped out of my comfort zone back in IA.

I hope that I will get back to blogging and working on my site with some extra time on my hands.  I am working full time and my husband does his own thing with his site during the week, as well as plan and prepare meals, do the laundry and keep the RV clean.  Mind you, I help too as I enjoy cooking.  We do more grilling outdoors than ever before.  It won't be long and the cooler days will have us staying inside more.

The only thing I miss is my large kitchen but think that I can give that up for the exchange of not fighting winter driving conditions!

Blessings to you!